Pierce Hargan, Seth Kushner’s Schmuck Diaries, 9”x12”, watercolor and gouache, 2014
This was my favorite of the illustrations in Schmuck Diaries. The illustration for the last chapter in the book, the story was very short but effective. Adam Kessler, Seth Kushner’s comic persona, has been dumped once again. Plans had been made to go to a nice restaurant in the city but with the turn of events he finds himself at the local chinese takeout. While waiting for his food a young boy named Ken, comes up to him and prophesizes that he’ll be married by the time he’s 32.Later when he gets home he opens up the fortune cookie that came with his meal that reads: “No one can walk backwards into the future.”
Four years later at the age of 32 he shows that fortune to his new bride.

What would you think of a comic in a style like this?

Developing the aesthetic for my first big comic

SUBMISSION: “Reading Comics”, Pierce Hargan, 2013
I recently donated this piece to the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary and thought it would be great to share to them. While I understand this isn’t a comic, the whole piece is about my love for comics and is filled with small refrences to what got me into comics in the first place.  And the girl in the piece is the main character to the comic I’m writing at the moment.
If you’re interested in checking out more pieces submitted   click on the link here:
And since I can’t submit through my art blog you can take a look at my work at
I’ve never had the chance to attend SPX so I was so happy to see you were taking submissions.

Thanks for taking the submission!

Reading Comics, Pierce Hargan, 2013
This is a piece I did as a donation to the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary. Whats better than reading comics? Beats me, I have no clue. I hope they like it. Can you find all the comic refrences? 
If you’re interested in more work donated to Sand Hook Elementary take a click over to
oh and btw the girl is a younger version of the main character of the comic I’m writing, Alexandria.

 Reading Comics(pencils), Pierce Hargan, 2013

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